im really happy with her she makes my day complete even if im with her for a minute or even if i see her at a moments glance she still makes my day perfect, shes on my mind all day and night, i call her before she goes to sleep so she can be the last voice i hear before i call it a day , and just as im about to start a new , i call her the moment i open my eyes so she can give me reasons to not only smile , but to also give me something to look forward too later as the day goes on. i honestly thought i wouldnt have these kind of feelings or even think of loving another, but she’s changed my mind big time. shes something i dont want to lose , and hopefully she wants the same. i can honestly say that i love her and actually mean it.. theres no one else id rather have , shes everything i could ask for , so me wanting to be with her for the rest of my life is absolutely something i wouldn’t mind. hopefully i can call her my “wife” instead of my “girl” one day. i love you mary and when you see this… i want you too call me and tell me what you think. ://3 speak to you soon baby.